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    Dual Fuel Heat Pump

    Hey folks,

    I bought a house 2 years ago, and the AC unit is 15+ years old (it is failing). I have a 2800 sq ft home built in 1994. I'm considering installing solar panels, but wanted to take advantage of ROI with electrical cooling/heating. I also have natural gas heating, and considered a dual fuel heat pump to replace both my AC and take advantage of electricity. I estimate I spend about 2k/year on just cooling and heating. I have a wife who does not enjoy discomfort, so anything I do has to be mindful of that. That said, outside of random cold spells, the environment seems moderate enough for a dual fuel heat pump. I don't believe my lot is large enough to take advantage of geothermal.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? Manufacturers to stay away from or contractors I should look up in this area? Thanks.

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    Might want to use the Contractor locator map in my sig.
    Contractor locator map


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