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    Furnace not following thermostat program

    For the last day or so, gas furnace stopped following thermostat program. Thermostat would be set at 66, thermostat reads 71 and furnace continues to heat and blow hot air from registers. However, the thermostat does not show the little flame icon it normally does when the heat is on. House stays at a more or less reasonable temperature, just about 5 degrees above where its supposed to be. Though it's on more than it should be, it does seem to cycle on and off. I'm in midwest where its been 25-45 degrees outside.

    If I set the heat on the thermostat above current temp, the thermostat acts as if the heat is kicking on (heat icon appears). If I lower and hold temperature below current temp, the furnace and fan will shut off, but will start back up again at some point even if still above set temperature.

    Any ideas what the problem could be? I'm trying to get someone here but its a holiday week and I'm leaving town pretty soon. Any help greatly appreciated!

    Lennox G61MPV
    Chronotherm IV zoned heating system
    Not sure how old; moved into this house 2 years ago.

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    About the only thing you could do is shut off the unit, replace with good fresh batteries, turn back on.
    If that doesn’t work, you’re going to need a tech.
    Could be a bad thermostat, shorted wires, or a bad board. Or a combination of any of the three.
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    Have you had someone come out and explain how the system works and do a service on it?

    Zoned systems and in another dimension of issues vs non zoned.

    Could be zone controls, dampers, bypass, etc, as well.
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