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    heat pump working fine in summer(AC mode) but not now for winter (heat mode)

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Rich and i'm new to the site out of desperation for my situation. So I just moved to Vegas on May 31st 2019 and the AC units were working kinda normal except one of the heat pumps would turn off when it got really hot like 100 plus degree's a tech came out in August hosed down the compressor for like 5 minutes or so and it came back on he said it is an older unit and could go at anytime.
    So now that it's getting colder outside and I switched everything over to heat the heat pump won't come on at all so I called my home warranty and they sent out a guy from the same company as that came out in August just a different guy first he said the wiring of the thermostats was wrong and I informed him it was not changed at all and the units were working fine just a couple weeks ago so he goes to the outside heat pump looks at it then goes to the attic to look at the handler and I can hear him mumbling something about the wiring set up then he comes down and say's there is no continuity from the handler to the heat pump so there is a broken wire somewhere in between and that's not something he can fix. Now I don't understand how it could be working a couple weeks ago and all of a sudden there is a broken wire how does a wire break all by itself? There was no one in the attic and I don't have rat's or mice so my concern is since this is a company that my home warranty uses maybe the heat pump is shot like the previous tech said it was going to go at anytime and they don't want to have to pay to have it replaced so they are using this as an excuse. Would love some feed back as I take care of my 75 year old mom and I just had back surgery so can't do a whole lot of things myself right now and my wife know's nothing about anything electrical. I don’t want to get stuck paying for a new heat pump if my home warranty is trying to be shady.
    Thank you

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    Sad to say, most companies working for home warranty companies are chosen because they'll work cheap, not that they are the best.

    Does sound fishy that somewhere is a bad wire. Most heat pumps use 1 less wire for heating than they do for cooling. Try to cool and if it comes on and cools, rules out wire between 2 components. If the unit outside doesn't come on, note if the blower is running.

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