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    Nat Gas 55 inch WC

    A site we installed many years back and have maintained since became unsafe . We lost the bid for a large expansion of refrigeration and HVAC requirements. Our techs were doing PM work on existing equipment and 2 x nat gas furnaces were out on roll out switches , they were reset . Next day tech goes out and resets again , observes a fierce flame form the burners , checks gas pressure and finds 55 inch WC.,, WTH. The builder upgraded gas supply to 2psi .Just failed to install regulators before all equipment . The builders advised us they had to install the required regulators as it is there contract..
    We ordered and installed new gas valves the next day , as we felt the valve diaphragm might be compromised .

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    I'm surprised that the gas valves opened under that much pressure. Furthermore I don't know how they closed afterward. Must have been some excellent valves.
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    That beats mine. I found a furnace fed by a natural gas well with 13” WC last week. I started investigating after finding CO exceeding 2000 PPM.

    In the situation of your tech, I would have looked a little further after finding a tripped rollout switch.
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