Might have to turn the sound up a bit: youtube.com/watch?v=9ASvI53FzFs

The fan is running at the start for the humidifier and at the 13 second mark there is a click, then a slight squeal then things kick on normally for heat. Itís an American Standard Heat Pump + TAM7 air handler. 5 years old. It wasnít making this sound before. It doesnít do it every time. In the video itís not too loud, but sometimes it does it much louder and I can hear it through two floors. Itís heating fine.

I have a tech coming since I donít like messing with this stuff. Itís going to be two weeks though so I was curious if anyone might know what it is. I also have some loud humming coming through some vents which is annoying, which was the main reason I called a tech. This new sound just started too.