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    I investigated 5 HVAC & Plumbing company's here in Alberta before I decided on one and the product. We made a quote and set conditions. The company assured me of price match with the other 3 quotes and all seemed fair. The work installing 1 furnace and coil for A/C was to be 1 day but ended up 2 days short of 2 weeks. First the installed a lesser in model number furnace and total incorrect thermostat for operation with Daikin. After they were found out which was in a daay the owner accused the tech installer for the mix-up and eventual the right ordered furnace , thermostat, and coil for future A/C are installed. I ask same day for invoice so i can pay and go on with life and received one next day with an increase of $$ from original. Contacted the owner immidiatly and was given story but stood by my agreement of contract. Told company I pay half of cost now and pay rest after inspection, warranty certificate but the difference only of agreement between us. Received a letter that the will not do the inspection permit nor register the furnace with Daikin and they will not honor also the included 6 years of yearly service to furnace.

    I called Daikin, TX and the lady took registration for warranty and send out to me a copy.She told me warranties are honored only if the work is done by DAIKIN. Problems is we here have only 3 Daikin installers and none will honor anyone elses by company installed product. So, now WHAT? This is the first by myself as widow installed furnace plus in over 40 years so I have no clue in todays tech installer market and ask for help.
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