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    Current/Former Walmart Techs

    Hello folks, I've got walmart recruiting me right now. I was just wondering if we had any techs that have or still presently work there now and can tell me a little about the culture. I've got a feeling I already know. But I'd like to hear it from someone who's actually worked there. So give it to me, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
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    In this area they discontinued their tech service 3 months ago. City Facilities now does their work. That may be a corporate trend.

    My employers were involved with install and overflow service work orders from their techs, so I spent a good bit of time alongside them. Still Have Service Channel on my phone. Some of the techs I worked had been with Walmart a very long time and seemed pretty happy with the job.

    In this area City's compensation package does not come close to the Unions.

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    The Walmart techs I’ve met were lesbians they don’t do d*ck. Give it to the contractors, case in point one would find a froze up case he would close the hand valve and maybe open it before he left maybe
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