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    Mechanical ventilation for interior conference room served by mini split

    There is an interior (no windows) conference room that the client wants individual control for via a mini split. In the past we've either provided air off of an adjacent split system to bring in outside air or used a ceiling cassette and ducted outside air to it. Neither option is great. If your split system has ~20% outside air to it, you can't supply enough air to the conference room for the right ratio of outside air without competing with the mini split. The ceiling cassettes have outside air connections, but don't bring in enough outside air for conference room osa requirements either. The client doesn't want the added expense of a small HRV for this room. I'm curious if there is a better option that is being designed/installed by someone for complying with mechanical ventilation requirements.

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    15 CFM per person minimum. 10 folks in the room... 150CFM HRV..

    Or just have an inline duct fan blow unconditioned air into the room? Then you will need more cooling/heating to compensate. $$ either way.

    Anyway you look at this you need fresh/dilution air in that room
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    Does the mini-split system you are installing not have the ventilation feature? Then choose the one with better ventilation and air filtration system. Latest ductless mini splits work as dehumidifiers too and constantly remove foul air and smells out of the room. The humidity level is also controlled by one. You should choose one with higher ventilation features.

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