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    Cooling Capacity Calculation

    Hello, beautiful people , I've been working on calculating a cooling capacity for freezer stocks , so basically I have two rooms one almost 100 m2 and the other is 1000 m2 at the same height with the same insulation method and storage goods, after doing my calculation the 100 m2 turns out to need a cooling capacity of 44 KW , and the 1000 m2 needs 280 kw. though I was considering 440 kw because nothing has changed except that it's 10 times bigger.
    so my question is, is bigger freezer storage needs less cooling capacity than smaller ones relatively ,or did I made a mistake and should recalculated it !!

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    280 kw = 79.62 tons

    1000 m^2 = 10,764 SQ FEET

    Seems like more than Adequate.

    However, Height is not provided.


    PRODUCT TEMPERATURE when put in freezer?
    AMBIENT Temp. ?
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    Well both of them at the same height of 8 meter , to store frozen vegetables , inlet goods temperature is approximately not least than -12 C , at an ambient of 38 C .

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