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    Duct & Fan to move fireplace heat

    Hi all,

    I am working on a project at my home. The home is a brick rancher currently setup with a new Bryant heat pump. I'm not sure on the sizing, aside to say the entire system was installed a year ago. I've found the system to work ok except when it's dipped down into the ~20 def F range, as I would suspect.

    My home also has a propane fireplace at one end of the house. The room that it's in is 32 x 14 feet with 9 foot ceiling. The fireplace will easily warm that room up to 82 degrees with the fireplace on a lower setting. This is with the heat pump off. The far end of the house (where the bedrooms are) will sit around 66 degrees.

    What I would like to do is install a register in the ceiling above the fireplace. I measured out around 7 ft and the ceiling is 83-84 degrees. I would like to run a duct from the newly installed register and back into the hallway that connects the bedrooms.

    I see home depot locally lists 8", 10", 12" etc duct fans. Any idea on sizing for insulated duct work and fan CFM needed to pump some of the hot fireplace air to the other end of the house? The duct length would be around 55-60 feet.


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    Personally I dont think you will notice much if any difference by doing this, especially on a long duct run. If you decide to do it, any duct size can only move X amount of air so no point in getting a fan that will do X+1

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    run the duct to the return of the airhandler and don't use the inline fan. 12" at least. like said prolly wont notice much difference. run the ceiling fans

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    Is this a ventless or vented fireplace?
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