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    Draft Inducer Blower Leaking Water

    The FASCO draft inducer blower on my Concord furnace seems to be leaking water from the blower at the connection to the PVC vent pipe. Water then is leaking down the blower and pooling in and below the unit; see the rust spot on the bottom left of the photo. There appears to be a clear condensation draintube line that is connected (and not obstructed) to the blower that seems to not to be draining much water and causing water to build up in the housing of the unit and leak out at the junction of the blower and the exhaust pipe. The clear PVC drain hose was originally located on the right drain outlet (where the yellow plug now sits at the junction of the blower and the PVC exhaust vent) and I moved it to the left drain outlet (where it now is located) and it seems to drain better. The blower seems to be canted a bit to the left and I thought that may be causing the drain not to work when placed on the right side due to gravity pooling the condensation on the left side. It was recently serviced and I wonder if the service tech put it in a different spot as it has never leaked before. Does this seem reasonable as a fix the issue? Is that why there are two drain ports on this blower?

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    Site rules prohibit giving advice for DIY. This is not a matter of replacing a visibly broken part. This is something which can leak exhaust fumes into your house. You need a tech to properly fix it.
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