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    Need help with a goodman furnace GSM80453ANAA

    Hello everyone.I hope theres someone who knows Goodman furnaces. Ive been in HVAC FOR 30 YEARS . AND I AM STUMPED On this one . ok the furnace is an 06 year. model # GSM80453ANAA converted to LP gas. when the stat calls for heat, the in duce fan comes on and then the hot surface starts to glow then the ckick of the gas valve and nothing starts up for 3 tries then goes to lock out. ok i think theres air in the line , so i bleed the gas line. and try again . same thing except it lights on the 3rd try. i think we are good now. there are 5 systems in this ranch house . so i go to the next one and the same thing. so i did the same thing but this one didnt light. i have voltage going to the valve after the hot surface peaks and nothing . i replace the gas valve and the same thing . never lights. i even replaced the flex gas lines that were 36" and 1/4 " flex. my question is . How long should the gas valve receive 24 volts? because three out of the 5 furnaces work intermittently. the only thing i can think of , is that the board isnt giving the voltage long enough. is that possible? how long should it get voltage b4 it cuts out? please help me . thank you have a Blessed day, John

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    What is your inlet gas pressure?

    What is your outlet gas pressure when it tries to open?

    Did you pull the burners and clean them and the crossovers?

    What was the amp draw on the HSI?

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