What are some of your issues with specialty grilles in residential applications? Here is what I run into. I'd love to hear simple solutions.
We struggle daily with the desire for people in our market to want linear bar and linear slot diffusers. As the price per square foot skyrockets in Austin so does the demand for these details to be perfect. The issues we run into with these in residential applications seem to be endless. It seems the distribution network does not care to help contractors understand the install of these. The details the manufacturers provide seem to require every sales guy or designer to be an engineer. The local distributors aren’t a whole lot more knowledgeable about practical residential applications than we are. Let’s face it, these things are designed for the perfect commercial building where you can stick a big metal plenum above a grid and everything snaps into place beautifully. Not so the case in a 16” truss space with a flex duct coming in at an odd angle. We have found building our own ductboard boxes with angle on the inside of the boxes will give you the support to receive a screw through the face of the grill. We haven’t had one knock someone on the head yet. The trick is to make sure you get your bars far enough apart (1/2” spacing or bigger) or you go for the more expensive removable core and then life is easier. also the removable core will give you the chance to balance the grilles individually with manual collar dampers, more on that later. How about the linear slots sweating? I have seen this sometimes especially with zoned system and a lot of cooler than normal air coming out. Myriad of problems that I struggle with on many different levels.