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    C Wire not connected

    Hi, I just moved into a new home and was trying to connect my Ecobee thermostat. I know it requires a C-wire. I found the wire wrapped around the others in the previous thermostat, which didn't require one. When I connected it to the Ecobee, however, it did not show the display. Assuming then that it was an issue of the C-wire not being connected, I went into the attic and looked at the wiring. Sure enough, the blue wire is there, bit wrapped around the others, not connected. I looked where it should be connected and found that there is a second red wire connected there. My question is, can I connect the blue wire (C-wire) to the same terminal that the red is connected to? It seems like I should be able to.

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    Ecobee actually makes a kit which doesn't require a C wire however... what you are asking is DIY and this site can't give DIY directions.

    Ecobee is a great thermostat and has wonderful customer support. They can assist you there.

    I will need to close this thread as it is not allowed.


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