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    Insane Murder Going on in NYC Hospitals

    You all need to watch this, its an eye opener to say the least.

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    Wow. I wonder if this is why that doctor committed suicide.

    Top New York City ER doctor commits suicide, shaken by coronavirus onslaught
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    I talked to a guy the other day, his friends are morticians, they have traveled to NYC to help process bodies.

    He said the hospitals are tossing bodies in those trailers so fast, they’re not actually verifying death. Apparently there have been people with really weak pulses that have been pronounced dead. His friends were scared to go in some of the trailers cause they don’t know if some of the people are still alive.

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    It makes no sense to me. President Trump promoted a protocol based on Dr. Zelenko's protocol. Dr. Zelenko's rationale was: Zinc blocks replication of viral DNA, and hydroxychloroquine helps Zinc to be transported inside cells. (Zinc is also a strong stimulate of innate immunity, which wasn't mentioned)
    So now, hospitals have been using hydroxychloroquine. A retrospective VA study showed that hydroxychloroquine with or without azitromycin (an antibiotic) was ineffective at COVID, and might actually be harmful.

    I read the entire study. Do you know what's missing? Where is zinc? They never used zinc, nor did they test plasma levels (patients were probably deficient to begin with). But news reports picked up on the fact that the protocol doesn't work. But they slander doctors who are treating with nutrients instead of drugs.

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    IMO it is simple...

    TPTB are not gonna make a lot of $$$ off HCQ...

    However they WILL make a LOT of $$$ from the new 'miracle' drug that will be announced any time now...

    Do some research...
    This is not the first time 'the system' has played 'god' for the sake of profits...
    And until the public gets tired of it and demands an independent investigation...
    It will not be the last either!

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    Devils advocate... Were these 70+ year old people worth the effort?

    Mind you, my 80 year old mother is in hospice care right now. She's going to die withing days...weeks... and there is absolutely nothing I can do to change that. The covid sped things up for those that were affected by it. God, Trump, the Dems could never outsmart science. Are the hospitals killing people on purpose? Doubt it. Dead people offer no form of income.
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    I saw this comment this morning regarding this video.

    "Posted Apr 28,2020 10:28 PM name removed
    Nursing unions in NYC are a big problem from what I've heard from residents who have trained there. They have narrowed their job descriptions to the point where they probably due less than half the tasks I can count on a nurse to cover in the Midwest where I practice. It is unthinkable that a patient would go uncoded, but with the situation currently in New York, I would not be surprised if this has occurred.

    As for the protocols used in the hospitals, to become proficient at respiratory resuscitation and be knowledgeable about respiratory support, pulmonologists undergo 3-year fellowships of intensive training. The confidence she has in her assertion that the ventilators themselves are harming the patients lungs is reckless. I watched Dr Sidell's video earlier, and the practice has widely changed since it was made, with patients being proned early prior to intubation, delaying initiation of mechanical ventilation. Once a patient is intubated, ventilators have a very broad range of settings to minimize trauma. COVID can be managed with protocols that would be gentler on the lungs, but patients will still develop ARDS in many cases, necessitating other strategies. This broad-brush demonization of ventilators stems from ignorance of critical care medicine generally.

    Hydroxychloroquine appears to not effect outcomes once a patient is in respiratory failure per the latest and best powered studies. Using the medication early in the course or as a preventative is still in question, and I know my own institution has a study going on this. Vitamin C has been studies several times in ICU trials. I am not sure if some centers are studying it for COVID patients currently, but I would not be optimistic.

    The nurse is clearly concerned, but the alarm she is raising dips into areas beyond her expertise."
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