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Thread: US... or UN???

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    US... or UN???

    Stumbled across this video earlier...

    Not sure what is true and what is not...
    Hope it is not true... a farce.


    Make no mistake...
    The UN does NOT care about America...
    And they have NO right to do what the video suggests, without the support of the local polecats.

    Folks need to know what their polecats are doing...
    And keep them on a SHORT leash!

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    Every single UN Secretary (that is, the top UN position) has been a communist or an extreme left wing socialist. Agenda 21 is an official UN document clearly aimed at eliminating all and any democratic republics and bringing the world under one global rule.

    Member countries of the UN Human Rights committee include several of the worst human rights offending countries. The UN is clearly opposed to our Bill Of Rights on every single point. You would never know any of this if the media had total control of what you learn. I am actually surprised youtube has not censored the post GA gave us.
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