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    Entie fur-down acting as an oversized return air plenum

    Newbie on the forum, have pics but need to post this 7 times before I do... use your imagination....

    Mom (87), finaly moved back into her condo (20yr resident) after Harve in Rockport Tx.
    Ive addressed this issue for past 6 months with the decision makers whose lip service said they would put in some duct board and try to seal things up a little. Never happened.

    I did pull a piece of loose insulation from a supply duct and one creeping over the blower about to be sucked in.

    My views

    Too much bad air with an occasional insulation fiber.
    Fire hazard, exposed Kraft paper
    Routing a bathroom exhaust vent up and over the motor.

    They assure me all plans have been approved, inspected, and up to code. I don't think the inspectors looked at her unit.

    Basically, uncased unit 5Kw heating element GAS24G-000+HTS05 mounted in fur-down, no return air duct, just a 20x30 grill/filter under the blowers.

    Supply air sealed and ducted.

    Exposed Kraft Paper insulation between ceiling joist fore and aft of unit, fur down drops 12" below ceiling.
    Plenty of gaps around the unit 2-3", roughly 200 cfm worth of fwd fur-down and attic, length 13 ft.
    Aft furdown past grill, open 3wx5dx1h. Also exposed Kraft insulation.
    Bathroom vent hose routed over the main motor in-between the two blowers. Access to uninsulated slant roof "attic". A slant roof of dead air was placed above the original flat roof. open 16"x30" top of unit near blower.

    Grill barely holds a piece of paper when placed on the grill, wont pull it up.

    System set for 700 cfm operation.

    At 16.4 KBTUH delta T should be around 12/1 deg. When running the heater barely felt a 3/4 degree heat at the warmest vent.

    Whish I could link pics, inspectors are extremely busy down there just wondering if my concerns are real. They wont let a third party work on it without breaking the warranty.

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    that return needs to be sealed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poppa View Post
    that return needs to be sealed.
    Thanks, I agreed, but is there any way that's within the 2012 International Residential code that Rockport uses?

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