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    Furnace Fan Question

    My equipment:
    Trane XV20i
    Trane X9v2 (gas backup)
    Trane XL1050 t-stat

    Are there any advantages while in the heating season to having the furnace fan circulate air after the heat pump has met the temp set point and the HP is temporarily off?

    How about if the gas furnace is the main source of heat?


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    It is likely the air will feel cold. Set fan operation for automatic.
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    The only advantage is that if you have poor air distribution continuing to run the fan will even out the temperatures in the house, at least to some degree. The disadvantage is that fan motors use a lot of energy unless they are variable speed and turn way down. For example, if you fan uses 500W and it runs 100% of the time it will cost you $27 a month. And as noted by kDean1 the air will feel cold.

    Other assumptions:
    - Fan on auto runs 25% of the time.
    - Electricity is 10 cents per kWh

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