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    An article about the 'deep state'...

    Given there are currently multiple active threads at ARP...
    Discussing things the DIMS are doing; and the validity/invalidity of how they are doing them...

    It would seem this article may be worth reading and considering:

    The deep state is (attempting to) undermining not (only) the authority of Donald Trump, but that of the sovereign people of the United States. If the allies of the deep state don’t like the term “resistance,” perhaps they prefer the term “treason”?

    Good article... albeit a bit difficult to follow first time through...
    Suggest to give oneself time to read and possibly re-read, to digest what is being said.

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    The Deep State Cabal Against Trump Is Very Real
    November 12, 2019
    While we’re on the audio sound bites, I’ve got a couple here and I can’t follow this. The second sound bite here doesn’t make sense to me. It was last night, Shannon Bream’s show on the Fox News Channel. She’s got the former deputy assistant attorney general Harry Litman on talking about impeachment.

    Now, I don’t know who this guy is. I mean, I’ve heard the name Harry Litman, but I can’t place it. Anyway, she plays a sound bite of me for this guy to react to. So she introduces and plays a clip of me talking about Trump and the deep state, and here’s the first of two sound bites.
    BREAM: Let me play something from probably one of Harry’s most favorite radio shows, Rush Limbaugh. As he laughs. He’s shaking his head “no.” Okay, but this is what Rush has to say about how this whole thing is playing out and what the end result has been.
    RUSH ARCHIVE: Recent CNN poll shows the enthusiasm for the incumbent Donald Trump is almost unprecedented. And, in his own party, his approval numbers are well now past 90%. Everything they have tried has blown up in their faces, and, in the midst of all of it, guess what’s happened? The existence of this so-called deep state has now been shown to be true. The existence of this little cabal of elitists that think they run things is no longer now just somebody’s suspicion.

    Oh, yeah, I remember that. It was a good point yesterday. It’s one of the things Trump has done. Everybody’s always speculated that there’s some power behind the throne, some secret group that actually runs things in Washington, and they’re there despite who the president is. And these generally have always been things touted by conspiracy theorists, people that have been labeled kooks in the past.

    Donald Trump’s exposed it. Whatever you want to call it, the deep state, the elites, the Washington establishment, there’s no question that it exists. And there’s no question that they are ticked off. And there’s no question that maybe the center of it is the national security apparatus, the National Security Council, because within that group is every other group we’re talking about. Director of national intelligence, CIA, military has people in there, State Department, diplomacy. It’s all in the National Security Council or apparatus.

    The whistleblower was on the National Security Council. McMaster, who we now know had ties to the whistleblower, he was the national security adviser for Trump. And that seems to be the nexus. One of the things that we have learned that has upset these people — and, folks, I’m not making this up. It is simple as this. Oh. By the way. Something else that we have learned. It may well be Eric “Charcoal” Ciaramella who released the transcript of two phone calls Trump made, president of Mexico, and was it Australia?

    Remember early on in the Trump administration he makes these two phone calls, and the transcript of these calls leaks. And it is now thought that the whistleblower, the spy, is the leaker of those two calls. And nothing would surprise me. But what upsets these people is that Trump makes phone calls — like the president of Ukraine — he makes phone calls without the National Security Council bigwigs listening in. And they feel left out. This is not the way it works in Washington. Presidents do not exclude the national security apparatus. Presidents let those people listen in because they’re the ones that really do foreign policy. All presidents understand this.

    Well, Trump began to exclude these people shortly after he was inaugurated because everything he was doing was leaking. You know, another rip on Trump, the transcript of the call he made to the Ukrainian president was put on a super-secret server. And the media and the deep state people are trying to say, “See, see Trump’s trying to hide it, Trump’s trying to get away with stuff. He’s trying to break the law, and that’s why he’s putting that stuff away.”

    And it was not the reason at all. The transcript of these calls that Trump was making were being kept away from people in his own administration who were leaking. It makes perfect sense, especially after those first two phone calls leaked. And the reason that I know this, we have a story here. And this story is a guy, he’s a financier, he’s a Wall Street guy, his name is Jay Latimer, international businessman, writer, investor.

    He has worked in investment banking for several multinational banks — New York, Hong Kong, and Beijing. And he describes a briefly encounter he had with a member of this cabal. He says, “I recently spoke with an old acquaintance, just out of government, who had worked in the Intelligence Community in Washington. The venue was a neighborhood party in a deep-blue area of the U.S., in one of the highest of high-income ZIP codes.”

    So elite, wealthy liberal Democrats were the people at this party. “As the lone conservative,” writes Mr. Latimer, “I tend to tread carefully in these discussions. However, I thought she might have a conservative bent,” this woman he was talking to, “as she seemed to share my mistrust of government. When she first started working for the I.C., she told me she was waiting to meet ‘the adult in the room,’ as everyone she interacted with seemed clueless,” the intelligence community.

    “After a few years, she eventually realized ‘there was no adult in the room!’ So I was interested in her take on the Trump impeachment process, then just getting under way. When I brought it up, she immediately got excited. ‘It’s worse than you think; it’s worse than anyone knows!’ I wondered what might be worse than what I’ve read. I also wondered which side she felt was acting worse — Trump or the swamp?

    “I soon learned she was upset with Trump for supposedly talking to Ukraine about Joe Biden. I asked, quite innocently, wouldn’t you expect him to look into it? After all, Trump is the head of the law enforcement community, and Biden’s son was getting over $50,000 a month from a Ukrainian energy company for a position that he was clearly unqualified to hold. Wasn’t that suspicious? She airily waived off my concerns. ‘Oh, everyone in Washington does that kind of thing.’”

    And, by the way, she’s right. Have you seen Hunter Biden’s interviews about this? He doesn’t think he did anything wrong at all. This is the way Washington works. The children of high Washington officials are set up in the way Joe Biden set up Hunter Biden. The way the Clintons have set up Chelsea. It’s just the way of the world, like all parents try to set their kids up or do as much for them as they can.

    In Washington the problem is that they don’t use their own money to do it. They use defense contractor money, they use foreign donations, they do all kinds of things, like in Ukraine, Burisma, ChiCom, it was other countries’ money that Biden used to set his kid up. But this woman that Latimer’s talking to, “That doesn’t bother me. Everybody does that in Washington.”

    No. What really made her mad “was that Trump had changed the procedures, placing his calls to other heads of state under high classification status, so they could not be seen by others in government. She considered this an outrageous breach of protocol. How could Trump do such a thing?”

    So it’s exactly what I suspected. Trump, after his phone calls were leaked, and they were not the only things that were leaked. Trump started making these phone calls and doing other operations essentially behind closed doors without letting these people in. And they are normally part of the process. They are the foreign policy establishment. When a president calls a foreign leader, they have to be on the call. They have to know what’s going on. They have to provide input. They are involved.

    And Trump has been acing them out because he doesn’t trust them. And they are livid! And this is what literally is behind the whistleblower and all these other things getting this impeachment process going. These are just people who think they run that town, and Trump has run an end run around them and is leaving them out, and they are livid. They are ticked off.

    They have been rendered irrelevant by Donald Trump. And that’s the biggest insult you could do to these people. Because in their minds they are Washington, they are government, they are foreign policy. And Trump is excluding them. It’s like Trump has taken away their reason to live. He’s taken away their access to power and bragging rights and whatever else they get their jollies doing by being involved in these things.

    Read the rest:
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