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    Trump: Whistleblower 'must come forward'

    There are only two reasons that P Pot wants the whistleblower out there.

    1. So they can claim he is deep state or a never slop jarer, or someone just wanting to get trump out... and we will address this after number 2.

    2. Trump wants the guy out there for revenge... hoping that one of the edgier MAGA tards out there will go after the guy... maybe even go after the guys kids.. as revenge for bringing this shitstorm down.

    Number 2... I think everyone can agree on that. Trump is a vengeful hateful man and going after this guy... especially his kids... is just the way Trump is..... he enjoys seeing people hurt..... especially kids and his enemies.

    Why out the WB... whistle blower... the WB just heard something that disturbed him and after trying to express his concerns thru the proper channels.. which was buried on orders from the WH.... he took the only path he knew.......

    But... the guy is irrelevant after the investigation is started..... Now... we have people actually involved... people who heard the call... people who took part in the events related to the Ukraine and the money being withheld......

    Does it matter if the guy was a dim... anti trumper... deep state ??? He has exposed what could be a serious crime involving the POTUS* and other officials......

    Shouldnt he be commended for his action.... instead of wanting him and his family put in danger ???
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    Do not hear much on the payoffs to the girls, cohen , even the kids and other family members are laying low. Congress needs to grow a set and realize he is not King or the Don of this country.
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