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    AC / Dehumidification for Cultivation facility

    Running to 5ton air handlers in grow rooms to cool 75000 btu heat load. Is their a way to trick the system to dehumidify when the lights are out and heat load gone.
    Rooms have to dehumidify 750 pints a day. Would like to find a way to use hvac system to fullest potential and not have to add a bunch of Quest dehumidifiers.

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    Nanitorium equipment manufacturers have embraced the grow room business. They actually do a really good job maintaining temperature and humidity at the same time.
    If you want to use standard units, you’ll have to sacrifice one or the other. Or add hot gas reheat to the units for humidity control.
    Or, as you said, add separate dehumidification.
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    The Quest dehumidifiers are high efficiency dehumidifier made in the USA. They remove 6-9 lbs. per KWH plus provide significant free reheat like 12,000 buts per KWH while removing the moisture. This is hard to beat for efficiency. A/cs remove 2-3 lbs. per hour plus the energy of reheat.

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