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    I always figured 90% or better was high efficiency. Wasn't that Lennox pulse something like 95%?

    I put in a 80% at my house over twenty years ago and it has been serving me well.
    If you were a real tech, you'd solder a relay on that board and call it good to go.

    I do a triple evac with nitro to remove non condensables.

    I use 56% silver on everything except steel.

    Did you really need the " If you were a real tech " ??

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    It has a Pretty Label on it that says, "High Efficiency"
    Retired, after 43 Years

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    Quote Originally Posted by timebuilder View Post
    I don't have a dog in this fight, but my understanding is that "high efficiency" starts with the first condensing furnace in the product lineup. I would guess that starts at around 90%.


    However there are lots of sales gimicks out there...

    Your comfort, Your way, Everyday!

    GA's basic rules of home heating and AC upgrades:
    *Installation is more important than the brand of equipment
    *The duct system keeps the house comfortable; the equipment only heats and cools (and dehumidifies)
    *Cheap is not good, good is not cheap; however expensive is not a guarantee of quality!
    Choose your contractor wisely!

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    In my mind, it is hard to get 90+, I will not to buy it if I were in you situation. I believe it a condensing furnace .

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