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    Hempcrete-board Plenums Worth Trying?

    Environmental variables are a major cause of disease, which leads me to my question for this forum: "Are Hempcrete-board Plenums a viable solution for air quality and long-term efficiency?"

    Keep in mind hemp homes are healthier and more efficient utilizing a natural mixture of hemp shiv/hurd, lime, sand and water; yielding properties that are excellent lightweight insulation, antimicrobial, fire retardant, CO2 sequestering, ionized air, balanced moisture in the air.

    Would the construction of round hempcrete return and supply plenums with a lime rendering over the interior and exterior sides be a worthy long-term investment if they cost 50% less than rigid metal and cure the air and those that breathe it...potentially?

    Thanks for your KIND views and considerations on this revolutionary topic...possibly.

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    I’ve never heard of hempcrete. Is it a product recommended or approved for ducts?
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    If its porus won't make as good a duct product. it also sounds like it has organic material in it, which is food for mold, etc.
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