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    Wiring new By-Pass Humidifier to Lennox Furnace and iComfort Wi-Fi

    I just purchased a Honeywell HE280A Bypass Humidifier to add to my home. I currently have a Lennox SLP98V furnace with an iComfort Wi-Fi Thermostat.

    My furnace board does have a HUM connector and an available Neutral. I removed the plug-in transformer from the Humidifier, and instead wired the pressure switch directly from the humidifier to the HUM/Neutral connectors on the Furnace board. (I don't think it matters which wire goes to HUM vs Neutral).

    After some long digging to figure out how to add the Humidifier to the iComfort, I now can see the Humidifier On/Off button and the Humidity% button. With my home currently sitting at 39%, I bumped up the target to 45% and turned the heat up in order to see the humidifier turn on. Unfortunately, the humidifier has not turned on.

    Two questions. 1st: Does the wiring sound correct?
    2nd: The thermostat documentation makes it sound like it should sense the new Humidifier being connected to the furnace. (It didn't. I had to go through the installer settings)

    Thanks in advance.

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    No diy advice here. Try Honeywell or the place you bought it.

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