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    Anyone for carp?

    Seeing 2sac's post caused me to remember when I lived in Ill.
    A buddy gave me some smoked carp. very good. It would rival salmon.
    I was like most in thinking what good can come from a carp. I began smoking carp myself. Some of the guys would bring them to me rather than throw away.
    I've seen them for sale in ethnic markets but not main stream. I don't care for the strong flavor when cook like other fish but try smoking them. I think you'll be surprised.
    During spawning season the fish can almost be picked up by hand.

    BTW 2sac...I thought Illinois had run out of deer.
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    That's interesting, never tried it. I remember a fishing trip as a kid with my grandfather where we couldn't catch anything but there were always carp, some spots so thick you could probably catch them with your hands. I was so confused as to why we couldn't just fish for the carp?!

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