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    Yellow Jacket Omni Digital Vac Gauge - anybody able to fix the frozen screen?

    Hi everyone, my first post, so "HI!"

    So I have now owned two of the Yellow Jacket Omni 69020 micron gauges. I **really** wanted to like these things because they have some nifty bells and whistles, but they have both died on me within a couple of uses, right in the middle of jobs. The gauge just gets stuck/frozen some random micron reading and nothing will cause it to start working again. I've cleaned the sensor per their instructions, and when I contacted YJ they said if it is stuck on a number, it's just plain dead. They offer to repair/replace but that's not convenient when I'm right in the middle of a job.

    Has anyone had this experience with these gauges? If so, have you had any luck with any DIY fixes? Or do you just end up sending it back to YJ for repair/replacement?

    It sure does seem like a defective design to me... I've seen other similar reviews too.

    Any quick fixes or ideas sure would be appreciated.

    Best to all.

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    Y/J is all sales with no service, avoid them when it comes to electronic driven gear. The Omni is a knock off attempt to copy Accutool's bulletproof BluVac Micro. Look into BluVac products, they have been proven tough by members here and Joey, their main contact person, is a member here.

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    You just got the best advice you'll get on this issue. BluVac is the best out there, and I've used and beat mine around with no hiccups at all. The product service is out of this world, if it stops working, you'll get it fixed fast, but my guess is you'll never come up on that situation.

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