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    Well, it's been a couple weeks since I last visited this thread, and I'm happy to see you guys have continued the discussion. I look forward to reading your comments once I can come up for air at this new job, which has turned into everything I suspected it would.

    On the plus side, I appear to have a good crew of guys, so that's a relief. And my boss, while extremely inexperienced, seems overjoyed to have someone with my abilities. On the negative, I can see WHY he's overjoyed...this place has been running on a wing and a prayer since its inception. No organization, no procedures, no documentation, guys are bringing in their own tools from home because nothing's's a nightmare. Only the good work ethic of the guys on my crew seems to have held it together this long.

    I'm slowly digging into everything, instituting positive changes as time permits, noting problems for tackling later otherwise. That list is growing larger by the hour.

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    You can calculate them online, just google kW btu converter

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