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    Confused Niagara dynamic point address on modbus

    On the project i am tasked to communicate with 8 Daikin fan coil that are on DIII network.
    To access the network I use daikin "Modbus Interface DIII"

    Would like to create 1 template for communication with fan coil. Additionally in the wire sheet define which unit is it, and in base on it create the address to collect the data.

    For example:
    fault code for unit: 1 -> 1x100 + 40020 -> modbus: 40120
    fault code for unit: 5 -> 5x100 + 40020 -> modbus: 40520

    How to write the resulting value into modbus point Data address?
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    The Data Address isn't a status numeric might be possible to create a custom object to allow you to link math/numerics into it for the purpose of propagating the addresses....but it is probably easier to just manually enter them all. If you're doing these units on a regular basis you could then just reuse the work you set up here. I did something similar with Sitelink 12's years ago. They have an offset for device 2-12 for the points on each connected device.

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    Sounds like another one of those yes it's possible but it's going to take more time than doing it manually?

    The next generation of ALC integration will make this pretty easy though, can't wait.
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    Would raise this on niag central.

    Haven't done much with templates yet, but can see this is a big downer on that idea.

    In a perfect world, its not stupid gateways that present as a bucket of points over separate identical devices.
    Propagating the formula.

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