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    Carrier to Honeywell Thermostat Wiring Help Needed

    I have a Carrier thermostat that has begun to malfunction. I believe it was installed in 2003. I have a Puron system with two units and one transformer. The heating system is a gas furnace. The first two photos are of the Carrier thermostat with two wiring blocks and the system has two wire harnesses.

    The first photo is a picture of the circuit board on the unit associated with the thermostat in question.

    The primary harness has all wires used. All but one was hooked up to the top wiring block:

    Red - R
    Green - G
    White - W/W1
    Yellow - Y/Y2

    The only wore from the primary harness to the other block was the common:

    Blue - C

    The wires used on the other harness only included red, green, white and yellow:

    White - S1
    Red - S2
    Yellow - DHUM
    Green - O/W2 (only wire hooked to the top block.

    The Honeywell thermostat has one block and the model is Model # RTH6580WF1001/U1. The block has terminals for K, Y2, W2, G, W, Y, C, R, and RC.

    Please share advice on matching the wires to the terminal block, thx.

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    This is not a DYI site due to liability. Do yourself a favor and call a qualified tech. The board you save may be your own.

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    You are in way over your head, in more ways than you know.
    Call a qualified Carrier dealer/tech to explain why?
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