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    Yep, few years back, after allot of work, the old shop man suggested I use a heater from a Freezer Drain line. I wrapped it around the shaft and left it there till the next morning. I re-drilled and tapped the end of the shaft to get a 1/2" all thread in about 2". Then a shop made 1/2" Steel "C" plate used as hub bracket and Then.... Wolla.. 2 guys over 12 hrs.
    Oh Yeah, we also used 2 cans of Penetrating Spray. Concentrated on Set Screw (removed) and Key way

    Best of Luck!!!

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    Well done!
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    Good job! I just did a horrible one. 30 year old AHU. 2+” shaft with two 27” air foil wheels. Had to cut everything off with grinder except the sheaves. Wheels ended up in many pieces, shaft several pieces. everything fought every inch of the way. New wheels, bearings, shaft and sheaves.

    Finally got it running and it was going backwards. I figure it’s been that way for years....go figure!

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