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    Spyder Commissioning is this correct

    I select a Venom application from the Venom palette.
    I select the desired controller in controller summary
    and alter the I/O's in terminal view
    I do a Device discovery
    I drag the selected Venom App over to the bottom
    data base payne
    I rename it.
    After I discover the Spyder I match it to the Venom App in the Data Base
    I then do apoint discovery and drag the needed points into the data base
    today I was told that after discovery, I should first add the device to the Database

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    Have me a bit confused, here’s how I’d do it.
    Drop HoneywellSpyder Controller from palette into bacnetnetwork database.
    Program controller, set all the terminal assignments, do an offline discovery of the bacnet points to test and verify I set them up properly.
    Then do a bacnet discovery, select the proper discovered controller and match it to the correct program one, then may need to write the proper instance again, then spyder program download.

    I did have times where all the Spyders had all the same default instances 9999? And were causing problems. So I went to each device and used WB to write new instances. Then from there I could use the Jace properly to program them. Anyone else?

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    techservices; You need to drag the Venom app out of the palette and drop it into your Lon or Bacnet network first. Then configure it the way you want, discover and match. If Lon, commission and then download and bind. If Bacnet, by default all new Spyder controllers device instance is 9999 change the device instance ID and then download.
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