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    Help with Jene-pc600

    Hi everyone, excuse my ignorance because I am not an HVAC technician, but here is my problem/question.

    We have a building that uses a Jene-PC6000 and PC7000 to run the HVAC setup. We had a tech out to service a unit yesterday and he said he changed the time settings in the PC6000 and now we can no longer get in through the web interface. The mechanical company is at a loss as how to correct it (they are not the original installers of the system either.) In the mean time I have tenants complaining about heating issues. The building is split into two sections floors 1-3 and 4-6. We can still access floors 4-6, the login address uses port 8181. Once your in, if you try to look at floors 1-3 the interface defaults back to login screen with a "LOGIN FAILED COULD NOT CONNECT TO FOX SERVER. CHECK THAT FOX AND WEB SSL SETTINGS MATCH OR TRY CONNECTING USING HTTPS. " It tries to login using port 8080, begins to load web interface and then drops back to login screen with that error.

    Any idea how we can get back into the unit?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Not knowing anything about these devices, I would make sure the time is correct between them.

    Depending on the auth protocol, there are some that fail if the clocks are to far out of sync. Given someone dinked with the time on one, that would the first I thing to check.

    Why don't you call that tech back to troubleshoot?
    Propagating the formula.

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    It sounds like the graphics may be spread across the two JACEs. Are you able to see some graphics but not others? If yes, there may be an issue where one of the JACEs is not connected to or authenticating with the second JACE. This could happen if someone changed a password. If software was also updated that could impact things. The JACEs have LEDs on them, see if there is any activity on them, you could also try powering them down and then back up. If the connection failed to make it might quit trying after a certain number of attempts. Rebooting could get it to try again.

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