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    Best location for mini split indoor air handlers

    I am installing mini split units throughout my house; 6 indoor units connected to 3 outdoor condensers.

    I have a bit of a challenge with two (almost identical floor plan) bedrooms and also my living room.

    First the bedroom (see below for a diagram).
    - My original plan was to put the indoor unit next to the window but there is not enough room to maintain required clearances.
    - My next, best option (best due to line set routing and external appearances) would be on the walk-in closet wall
    - My concern is, this is probably not optimal as air movement will have trouble reaching the area in front of the entry door
    - I am guessing the ideal location would be the wall on the left yet this will pose issues with line set length and outdoor appearance

    What do you think, will my proposed location work?

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    Now, the living room (see below for a diagram).
    - The installation instructions say not to mount the indoor unit "Near the doorway".
    - The ideal location would be behind the entry door.
    - The only other outside wall is the front wall with the window on it which is cause me to route my line set across the front of my brick house which is not ideal.
    - I think the issue could be drafts from the entry door effecting the temp sensing. Is this the issue?

    If my front entry door is relativity draft free will this location work?

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    Thanks in advance for your review and comments!

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    Sorry but this is not a DIY Site!

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