I currently work as a residential electrician. I really wanted to get into the IBEW however it doesn't look like that will happen (no union contacts). 2nd year apprentice. I'm mid 20's so I feel I need to pick a path now.

I just received a job offer from a man running his own HVAC business. Been in business 17 years and only does commercial. Does all the sheet metal work in his shop. His son decided to use what he learned working with him to do HVAC supply sales. He will sponsor me through school. Also starting me out at what I currently make and review/raise at 3 months. Only thing that worries me is hes a small company. I haven't had experience working for a smaller operation.

If what I want is to be involved commercially in the trades would this HVAC path be a better bet? Stick with electrical and keep applying to commercial opportunities? Any advice is welcomed.

Thank You.