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    Small heater safe for leaving unattended?

    I have a *shed* (backyard) that is fully insulated and finished out as an office (16 x 24).

    Im wondering if there is a safe floor heater or compact heater that would be safe enough to keep the place warm (above 50) over the weekends and/or when Im out of town.

    Thank you.


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    Most of the new ones have safeties that shut them off of they tip over, etc.

    Or get an oil filled electric one.

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    What city/state?
    If it doesn't have water in the shed, maybe let it ride.
    If you're in a warm climate and you'll need ac too, maybe the smallest minisplit.
    They also make electric heaters for garages, with a thermostat.
    So depending on your loads, maybe electric heater & window/thru the wall AC, or a minisplit for better overall comfort.
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    Fires from electric heaters can occur at the plug. Be sure your duplex plug is tight. Use a radiator type heater that heats up a thermal mass and surface temperatures will be at safe low temperture.

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    Far as I know, no portable space heater is listed to be left unattended for extended periods of time. in other words, must use a space heater that is permanently installed, like a basebd htr.

    have also seen heaters where the plug nearly melted apart, was left unattended for several days before I unplugged it. the prongs pulled out the plastic plug it was so soft.
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