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    Jobs available for operating engineers nyc

    Hey everyone, so I am few weeks from finishing up a trade school for refrigeration here in NYC, i was thinking of going out to the field just to start earning and getting more experience. but there is another course for operating engineering but i dont know how many jobs are available in comparison to a technician. anyone know how or where i should look to see jobs prospects such as growth in the upcoming years? thanks. All this is in the NYC area.

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    I thought operating engineers ran dozers
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    I don't know what it is like in the NYC area, but I have worked for Power Generation companies, Ethanol Production, Steel Production, and now a Research Facility as an Operatung Engineer. Up here in Canada any building or facility that has a hot water, steam, or refrigeration plant large enough needs Operating Engineers. Large Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Rinks, Paper Mills, Steel, Food Processing, Nitrogen or Oxygen Plants, Oil processing and extraction, Laundry, Chemical Production, Lumber and Fibreboard mills, etc.

    Edited to say, We used to be called Stationary Engineers, compared to Locomotive Engineers who moved. Or Marine Engineers.

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