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    My battle with sanity

    This is going to sound so crazy I dont know where my brain was at the time but now I regret it so much and my family dont know about it.

    Two years ago we had a brand new big screen TV and my mother gave it to us a present. At that time I was jealous of the TV because I thought "what would life be like without entertainment" I think it would be healthier and it would be nice to have family time and live like the stone ages. And I thought the TV was selfish and the center of attention.

    SO I did everything I could to get rid of it, I hid the remote controls, banged it with a hammer, poured water everyday inside the TV until one day it finally went out.

    Two days later my wife brought a new TV home and I gave up this idea, but now I'm fine and I miss that TV. ( I feel so bad for abusing the TV as well as the money being wasted. I sometimes question my sanity and look back to see WTH was I doing?

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    You know, it would’ve been easier to pull a fuse out of it than breaking the thing.

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    Look back, learn, correct your mistakes and go on. It's good to realize you made a mistake even though it may be extreme but on going regret doesn't do you or anyone else any good.
    CircusEnvy's comment is good because it indicates you would have found a better temporary solution had you given it more thought.
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    I don't know anybody that wouldn't benefit from a counseling session or more.

    It was the most extreme example of anthropomorphism I have ever seen first or secondhand. (The TV being selfish.)

    Did you ask yourself if it was who the gift was from that made you resent it?

    Quality family time is something to strive for especially in modern times I definitely agree with you. I would look to see of there were any other extreme views. That is something that others can be the best judge of many times.

    Best of luck to you.

    Only mean to suggest the most obvious things to think about and what I would be asking myself.
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    You have made the first and most difficult step: you have realized that this was a feeling that was worth questioning, and you have done so. I would definitely share this with a counselor who can help you navigate this feeling, because it did not happen in a vacuum. It happened in the context of your life and all of the dynamics that were in play at that time.

    Rather than list some possible guesses at the root cause, I will leave that for a professional who can sit and talk with you.

    This was very smart of you to acknowledge this, because now, you can get to the bottom of it and face it, head-on. This was definitely a good move, so now, take advantage of this momentum.

    If you like, you can post again when you unravel it.
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    Is this post for real?

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    I think it is a copy and paste.
    The font doesn't match his other posts.
    If I am wrong, I apologize.
    Please don't smash my computer with your hammer.

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    I'm not sure your totally wrong to have these feeling about TV (manipulation)
    TV can be a device intent on stealing our ability to think rationally. Along with really crappy music. The drone patrol.
    Any entertainment is only there to sell stuff. If a person wants to be informed by watching the news they will also need to watch drug commercials 1/3 of the time because that's what has happened to the news. A good reason to keep my PBS donation going.
    The news media also has been doing another thing. The stories appear to be timed so the most exciting moments appear just before another drug add.

    If you feel manipulated, it's because you are. When a person drifts off in a somnambulistic state in front of their TV, they are ripe for suggestion. A kind of hypnosis.

    TV is also "Life by proxy" "Get up & get out!" they say. Sage advice.
    What good can come from something that's so forgettable. Do people even remember what they saw?
    Maybe Tiger93rsl should start a mass movement. Marshall McCluen wroth a book in the 60's called "The Medium is the Message. There was also a picture book published with it but the title had "Massage" instead of Message. No accident.
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    I think it is a brilliant idea get rid of the TV so the family can spend time with their other electronic devices.

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    We did a system change a few weeks ago in a house... where there was NO TV... and the kids are home-schooled.

    The parents are solid in what they believe, and maintain a balanced family lifestyle.

    It was simply AMAZING how mature the kids were... almost shocking...
    Kids that are barely past puberty... carrying on intelligent conversations that many adults could not handle.

    IMO there is a lot to say about rationing out TV and other electronic device input!

    Which... of course... points to good parenting...
    Which requires mature adults...
    Which it appears we have a shortage of these days...

    Your comfort, Your way, Everyday!

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