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    FilterKing vs FilterBuy Filters

    Anyone have any use with these? I was looking into a MERV 8 "Standard" for my unit and I wanted to keep the SP low with good filtration. My ECM handler I think can handle 1" WC, but I prefer not going that high.

    These 2 companies have my Odd size since I have adjustable leg stand and handler side screws increment the filter size from 21x21x1 to 21.25 x 21.25 x1.

    How are the materials and are they good quality from these 2 sites?


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    I bought a few from each website. Very disappointed with Filterbuy. Box came looking new, but the filters inside were not protected and they were damaged I don't know even how.

    Filterbuy - Merv8
    KilterKing - Merv 13 filters (titanium version) Name:  IMG_4238.jpg
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Size:  101.4 KBName:  IMG_4216 (1).jpg
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    Wow I must say, the mini pleat design from accumulair titanium version is amazing. Its the first picture. My air handler is working beautifully at rated cfm. The more pleats per sq. ft., the more surface air and the better the filter is. I definitively recommend Filter king..

    Last 2 pictures are the filterbuy..

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