In a nutshell, im seeking assistance in a formula to calculating RH with knowing the following conditions - Cdb, Enthalpy kj/kg + Absolute humidity g/kg (also known as the mixing ratio??)

I work for a AC manufacture and would like to advise an estimated "off coil" temp based on the 'air on' conditions entered and the cooling performance that it provides ie GTH kw + TSH kw.

wrt the off coil side -
I'm able to calculate the dbc by solving for t2 within the {Qs = 1.213 * l/s * ΔT}(Δt = t1(on coil temp dbC)-t2), however would like calculate the RH% so to ultimately calculate Cwb temp. I've found a handy fomula that can output Cwb whilst knowing both Cdb + RH.

Many thanks