Dear Community Members,

I'm in a situation for which i don't have an exact answer or say not ready for being answered in the future by Client.
We are doing a District Cooling Plant project where we have decided to go ahead without ETS stations as the low side loads are known and since its a camp so the owner/ end-user for the camp is client itself.
We have to give of only few future tappings on the pipe network and rest all will be connected to buildings as per load data given for them.
Now my main concern is with the network piping as i have to decide with the secondary pumping for the network.
If i go ahead considering the the peak loads and average loads for the main headers than as per that if i increase the velocity the pump head goes very high.
on the other hand when i have increased by my pipe diameters than i can select a secondary pump which is with a reasonable head.
Just for info my longest route is 2.8 Kilometers and flow from the plant room is 940 LPS at 1.49 GPM/Ton.

In case if the Client asks that have you done a study for optimum energy consumption for the plant operation for that i have no answer.
What are the methods/ software which can help in getting this thing done?