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    Thermostat Assistance

    We have a home with a natural forced air furnace and an air conditioner with a heat pump for emergency heat. We are looking to replace the existing thermostat (picture attached) with a programmable thermostat. We have been trying to find a programmable thermostat that is compatible with this system but are not seeming to have any luck. When we hook up a programmable thermostat the furnace and the AC unit will operate; however, the default function for the AC is emergency heat, not AC. We can not figure out to get the AC to toggle to AC instead of heat with the programmable thermostats. Any suggestions?
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    You’ll want to find a programmable thermostat with auxiliary heat lockout.
    Otherwise your energy saving setback thermostat will actually increase your heating bill.
    Heat pumps work best maintaining a constant setpoint. Not fluctuating back and forth.
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    The stats you have purchased may have been correct, but not knowing how to wire or program them indicates this is outside your DIY knowledge.

    Call a professional before you cause damage to something: control board, components, etc.
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