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    Bye Buddy

    He was not a "good" dog by conventional measurement; there were really less than a half dozen people the whole world over that he tolerated and got along with. Various kids in the neighborhood passed from childhood to adulthood terrified of him. They simply would not believe me that if you suddenly rushed towards him while he was throwing a fit, he would turn tail and flee. It's understandable, however, when his hair was standing on end from neck to tail and all teeth were visible; growling and barking as if he were confronting a mass murderer.

    Down deep he was still just a Labby. A ferociously protective and territorial Lab. The adults in the neighborhood quickly realized he was harmless and there was nothing I could do to control him. I just wished he would have learned to distinguish our yard from theirs. Not cool buddy.

    Anyway, we did our part and faithfully fed, played with, walked and took care of him since we rescued him at 18 months. Then we put him down gently ten years later. Doesn't get any damn easier no matter how many times I do it. Another name tag for the fireplace mantle memorial.

    I really hope the Good Lord surprises us with canine reunions one great and glorious day.
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