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    I'm guessing the military industrial complex isn't happy.

    Quote Originally Posted by ga-hvac-tech View Post
    So should Trump be at war with other countries...

    Or should Trump be making deals with other countries; so we can avoid wars???

    Which one is BEST for America???
    If you were a real tech, you'd solder a relay on that board and call it good to go.

    I do a triple evac with nitro to remove non condensables.

    I use 56% silver on everything except steel.

    Did you really need the " If you were a real tech " ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBeerme View Post
    I'm guessing the military industrial complex isn't happy.
    THIS ^^^^^

    Is my opinion of why the house/senate are fussy...
    They care ore about their contributors than America and American soldiers...

    Yet another reason to:
    Drain the swamp...
    And clean house!

    Your comfort, Your way, Everyday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hvacker View Post
    Problem is the supercons are just if not more vulnerable to criticism if viewed with a magnifier.
    Nether extreme will survive a closer look.
    Know your enemy? Nether side bothers to educate themselves on what the actual logic behind the two sides. If your a conservative, read Noam Chomsky or if a lib read Buckley. Widen your view.
    Buckley was a great debater, Chomsky knew economics and other things. Like the book The Art of War, on an intellectual level it all makes sense. I wish Trump had read The Art of War. We would have different results.
    You may be taking this a bit too seriously. It's just discussion. Some serious, some frivolous. Very little of it is likely to seep out into the wild and significantly change the world.

    As to the referenced material, I don't really have time (nor wish to take the time) to read that stuff. When I do have time to read (beyond the typical research I do in all manner of things), it's not politics. I'm not here to change the world, even if it were possible from here. I'm here to enjoy stimulating debate with friends and share and learn (and filter) opinions and assertions.

    ps - To Liberals, I can't recommend against Buckley strong enough. He is the most tedious read. You've been warned.

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    Global warming scientist Michael Mann loses Canadian lawsuit
    August 24, 2019
    Global warming scientist Michael Mann has lost a Canadian libel lawsuit he had filed against a skeptical scientist who had said that Mann “belongs in the state pen, not Penn State.”

    More details here. The court also ruled that Mann must pay the defendant’s court costs. The key quote that proves Mann’s scientific work is either incompetent or fraudulent is this:

    Dr Mann lost his case because he refused to show in open court his R2 regression numbers (the ‘working out’) behind the world-famous ‘hockey stick’ graph.

    Mann is most well known for his hockey stick graph that eliminated any evidence of the well-documented Medieval Warming Period and thus made it appear global warming only began with the industrial age.

    Many good scientists have questioned this graph, including Canadian scientist Dr. Tim Ball, the victorious defendant in this case. The court had demanded that to prove Ball’s statement was libel, Mann had to show everyone the legitimate scientific methods he used to create the graph. Mann refused to do so, and so the court ruled against him.

    I should add that a number of different scientists have analyzed Mann’s hockey stick graph and have found that, based on the information in Mann’s own published papers, they could plug the data in and with his methods create any graph they wanted, essentially demonstrating that what Mann did was junk.

    Does this prove human-caused global warming isn’t happening? No, it doesn’t. What it does demonstrate once again is that another one of the icons of that theory is either a fraud or incompetent, and that his work is not worth the electrons used to publish it. In the case of Mann, the evidence of his political biases and corrupt science practices has been evident for years, first exposed in his emails in the climategate emails. There, he actually worked to destroy the careers of any scientist who questioned his work, rather than debate the facts with them.

    He tried to do the same this time with Dr. Ball, and has been soundly slapped down.

    Michael Mann, creator of the infamous global warming ‘hockey stick,’ loses lawsuit against climate skeptic, ordered to pay defendant’s costs

    Breaking News: Dr Tim Ball Defeats Michael Mann’s Climate Lawsuit!
    Vacuum Technology:
    CRUD = Contamination Resulting in Undesirable Deposits.
    CRAPP = Contamination Resulting in Additional Partial Pressure.

    Change your vacuum pump oil now.

    Test. Testing, 1,2,3.

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    "What this all means: no, the court didn’t rule that Mann’s hockey stick was a fraud. And no, it has nothing to do with Mann supposedly refusing to release the data for deniers to double check. Again, Mann took to Twitter to explain that “The ‘Hockey Stick’ data & code are all available & have been for more than a decade,” with a link to the FTP site that’s hosted the data since, by the looks of it, at least 2003.

    And for whether or not the hockey stick, showing a rapid increase in temperatures in the modern era, has broken, Mann points out that multiple other teams have come to the same general conclusion.

    Far from being a clear win for the deniers, the ruling appears to be more a judgement of the state of Tim Ball: a broken down old man, who’s lucky that no one takes his conspiratorial and accusatory ramblings seriously.

    And that’s what his own defense said about him!"

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