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    leave fan on or auto?

    I've been visiting several of our remote, unmanned, facilities this summer, primarily in California, where it is typically hot. They house radio equipment that needs to be kept cool. I'm noticing the fans are always left in the on position. My thought is that they should be in the auto position to keep hot air out when the compressor shuts off. Also, they are typically in dusty areas. However, I'm probably wrong since the old radio guys leave them on. Thoughts?

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    If properly sized they’ll run!

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    Electronics especially today's Electronics.... prefer a room that is not a dry dry dry room.... so leaving the fan on will allow the air to re-evaporate water that's left on the evaporator during the off cycle and circulate it around in the room before the temperature rises enough to bring the compressor back on and begin the cooling process again.

    You might want to ask the engineering department what is the lowest relative humidity that they wish to have in the instrument house, and then measure what that typically is, and if it's too low you may wish to add a humidifier to each instrument house in order to keep the relative humidity sufficiently high so that things like disk drives are not going to experiencing discharges of static electricity.
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