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    A business cannot limit the First Amendment in the public square.

    This applies to big tech internet companies.

    Marsh v. Alabama

    Marsh v. Alabama

    Social Media Giants Greet the Constitution’s Birthday with Censorship
    The law covering censorship of social media users can be murky, although the principle is not. First Amendment protections apply to the government restricting speech, assembly and worship but do not automatically apply to private businesses.

    At the heart of the debate is whether online speech meets the Supreme Court definition of the “public square” in part established by the 1946 Marsh v. Alabama case that determined if a property owner provides space for public use, then speech in that public space must be uncensored. Social media companies are provoking a Marsh challenge lawsuit with their oppressive actions.

    The public square is where America meets. It’s not just a village green or a room, but any space, physical or virtual, available to share divergent—and even unpleasant—words, ideas and political debate.
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    GREAT post!

    This is a slam dunk for freedom and against social media owners... once it gets to SCOTUS!

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    There’s a couple of problem with your opinion. When you sign up you agree to their, “Terms and Conditions,” Also you are not a customer, they are offering you free use of their site, under their terms and conditions. Their customers are the advertisers. This is also covered under discrimination laws, and the law pretty much negates free speech, in this situation. These rules rely on other town “squares” being available. With the internet their is an abundance of them including this very message board. I have a Lawyer in the family, that is very familiar with this and we’ve had several discussions on this, I came away with a very clear understanding on how this work.
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