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    Owning-Starting an HVAC business in North Carolina -Legal/Licensing Employer question

    I'm 41m, Owned and sold small businesses in ny- now live in NC and looking into opportunities.
    I've had extensive experience in business and sales, and also know the HVAC business-side & worked with Johnson Controls (york/coleman/luxaire) for yrs as well.
    I've never worked in the field directly with an hvac dealer/installer/repair, only have i installed/maintained my own units and do repairs and installs for family and friends.
    I have a few close friends here in NC holding hvac licenses that have mentioned more than once that i should start heating/ac business so we could work together etc

    Is or are there any (legal/license/ethical) reasons why one couldn't OWN an AC/Heating business in NC, without having NC HVAC licenses- but employ Licensed HVAC techs to do the work?

    If this is possible, generally speaking, what challenges could an owner expect knowing the business-side and not all the tech in's and out's in his first year?

    Could one own the business, yet apprentice from his HVAC employee to get licensed?

    And for context i'd be interested in this for 1 or more reasons:
    • So that my 19 yr old who works for small hvac co. could have a business i could pass down to
    • Possibly in hopes to get licensed later
    • To work with my friends
    • Or eventually sell the company
    • or Do it for the experience

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    A business owner does not have to licensed, BUTT the company HAS to have a licensed full time employee in order to be a contractor. The license covers INSTALLATION. A service only HVAC company needs no contractors license. DO NOT confuse that with refrigeration contractor in NC.
    Contact Dale Dawson @ NC Heating/Cooling/ board. Pleasant person will return phone calls if unable to answer phone.
    Don't confuse business license with contractors license.
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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    As an addition to above post, even a service only company needs a license if you plan to replace indoor coils or replace a flex run or modify ductwork.

    It’s an easy process to an HVAC license put in the companies name. I did it back when I had mine.

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