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    Sizing and installation advice needed

    Thank you in advance for your assistance

    I run several commercial walk-in coolers and freezers in Roatan, Honduras, and generally do my own work on them. I have a 20'x20'x12' freezer with 8" polyurathane walls. I keep at desired temp of 5 degrees Fahrenheit with 5 HP Copeland screw compressor with 404A. I have two units, so always one is ready to start if an issue with the other one.

    I want to expand the freezer to 20'x40'x 12' and need help sizing new refrigeration system. I want to stick with Copeland Screw. I am not so definite on evap, but want to stick with Sporlan TXV's, since that is where my experience is, same as with Copeland. Electric defrost.

    Efficiency is important because electricity is 38 cents USD per kWh. However, I am hoping to put enough solar panels on roof to run during the day, so I would like to oversize slightly. My current ones are under-sized but have worked for 10+ years.

    Where should the evap(s) be located in expanded freezer?

    I am thinking the new system will hold the freezer at -10 degrees, and I can cut on the two existing units if I need back up.

    The freezer holds already frozen meat and other food products that is put into freezer at temp already. LED lighting, 1-2 people working a few hours each inside per day. Ambient temp is 90-95 degrees with 75-80% RH. Electric is 230VAC, 60Hz, 3 phase. I could do 480 VAC. Air Cooled is best since water here is very hard.

    Would someone be able to make suggestions on equipment needed and location to install evap inside freezer?

    Thank you,

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    For the compressor type, I assume you mean a Copeland "Scroll" and not "Screw". They did make screws starting at 20 hp at one time but I believe they have been phased out. The Copeland ZF scroll is the one you should be looking at. Heatcraft makes outdoor condensing units with Copeland scrolls as well as electric defrost evaporators. For the 20 x 20 x 12 expansion (2) Bohn BZT-060L6 condensing units and (2) Bohn BME-20 evaporators should do the job for 0F.

    Condensing Units (See p.20):

    Evaporators (See p.6):

    As for placement of the evaporators, a lot depends on the configuration of the box, location of the entry door(s), location of the condensing units, etc. In general, you want to have the evaporators located along one wall opposite to the entry door(s) or along a wall perpendicular to the wall(s) with the entry door(s). Here's a link to Heatcraft's Installation manual with a lot of good info:

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    Thank you very much for this very useful information

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