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    Confused Condo Building Upgrade or replace

    Good Morning,

    I live in a 50+ Unit Multi Story Building. It was converted into condos in the 80's with the building originally being built in the early 1900's. The Whalen HVAC System we currently have is roughly 30+ years old as well. I started this whole thing because my heating in my unit sucks and the cooling isn't much better anymore either. After getting permission from the HOA, I called up the company that the Unit was manufactured by and learned that we have a tankless HVAC System.

    After learning this, I was basically told that we (Each Condo owner/the whole Building) have 3 options to work with moving forward.
    1. I can replace the individual heating elements in my personal unit to make it better.
    2. The building can convert the system to a tanked system
    3. We should consider replacing and updating the system as a whole since it is 30+ years old

    First question: Does this sound right? How long should these things last.
    2. Can anyone give me even a Wild guess on how much each of these options might run?
    3. The most extreme, what would be involved in #3? Is this just tearing out the guts in each condo or is this a crazy outrageous thing that we need a year of planning and prepare to tear up the areas that each HVAC is in?

    To help provide what little context I have. The cooling unit is on the roof and the hvac systems run the length of the builing vertically (Each Condo is the same lay out from floor to floor and the HVAC is located in the same corner in each unit. (ie 004, 104,...604 units look the same, 006, 106,....506 units look the same). Also as a final note, our building does not currently have gas in it. We are looking at getting gas specifically for this project alone for the water heater if that turns out to be the smartest choice.

    Thoughts. Thank you. Please let me know if there is any more info you need to better respond to this post.


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    You need an engineering firm to review the building and all the options!

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    What's tank and tankless? Never heard that terminology. Is this chilled water for cooling and electric elements in the air handler for heating?

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    I am betting they use the domestic water heater for heating and a chiller on the roof for cooling.
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    As the life expectancy of HVAC system with average maintenance is 20-25 years, there is a possibility of wear and tear causes behind these damages. Replacing and updating the system as a whole is the best idea to get out of it.
    Hiring professional plumbing services will help you to know the exact cause. Before moving forward, check your financial budget and seek professional advice.

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