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    Heat pump, recommendations ?

    Am currently running CKL-49 Goodman from early 2000's, its working wonderfully.
    The heater portion is all electric and built in to the ARUF-series air-handler.

    I'll be in the market for a heat pump, are people allowed to make recommendations on here ? Is 410a still the hot lick, or are other refrigerants more preferable ?

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    R-410A is still the residential standard. And will be for the short future.
    Brand doesnt matter much.
    Focus very carefully on whom you hire. That will dictate how well your unit runs and performs.
    Hybrid heat pumps have become extremely popular to some whos gas rate is low.
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    I like the Trane/American Standard 18 seer variable speed heat pump. Get the most for your money.

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    I really dont care about the name on the boxs but more on the contractor.
    As far as R-410A you dont have a choice!

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