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Thread: Bristol Compressors

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    Bristol Compressors

    Wondering what actually killed most of the two stage units that Carrier used in the Infinity Systems? Was it electrical or did the complex compressor parts fail?

    We Installed a 3T 3 zone AC (Bryant) back in mid 00's ... sold the house in late 12 to a couple who transferred to the area and had been renting from me for 6 months. The house was my parents second residence .. so I spent a lot of time there years before and one of my old friends bought the place.

    We bought the 10/10 warranty that Carrier offered at install .. other than a board going in the furnace after I sold the house (they called me) ... it's never needed anything .. (I asked) It's mated to whatever infinity NG furnace was a match back then. The house is almost a perfect 3 zones -- well insulated/ good windows. So it's had an easy life.

    Was almost a gut rehab a while before the install -- my mother moved there after my dad died.

    The unit sounds fine and unless it's hot or you play around with the temps -- it's running on low most of the time. I understand that motors can go at any time .. but you often hear something odd -- if it's the mechanics .. that can just snap one time when the unit shifts over.

    My friend has been advised of the compressor issue and I told he him to just let it ride ... but, budget for a replacement -- at 15 years we must have received a good one. The installing company is still around (my old oil company)

    The nice thing about the Bristols: Low was low ... I forget the percentage .... but the scroll was only a partial drop .. I think down to 66%.

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    Never seen a Bristol electrical failure personally. Every failure has been mechanical. The way the units connecting rods were designed to allow their reverse direction low speed operation was the culprit I was told by an instructor that I had that had seen a failed one cut open.

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